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Full Service Italy Trip Planning.

Italy Expertise

Focused on Italy. We know the luxury of seamless travel, and that sound logistics are the foundation of a great trip. From your arrival in Italy to your departure, all your logistic


Personal Connection

We work directly with all of our partners, and they know you as a person, not as a reservation number. Before you’ve even set foot in Italy, they know what your’e celebrating, whether you drink red or white, and you’re welcomed like family wherever you go. 

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Dan & Jill

This trip blew us away! It truly felt like a dream; the hotels were just beautiful, the food was beyond delicious, and the experiences were unforgettable. 

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Andy & Tonia

You all created an amazing experience for us that we will never forget and never be able to thank you enough for!


Sad the trip has come and gone, but certainly the trip of our life without a doubt!


We’re fairly certain the Amalfi Coast ruined ALL future vacations for us because nothing will ever compare! :)


Sara & Family

Our tour guides were great, the golf cart tour in particular was very memorable. The tour guide, Lorenzo was top notch and engaged the boys in such a great way.

We have fallen in love with Rome in a surprising way, but we think it’s because we’re staying in the Trastevere neighborhood. You two knocked it out of the park with this choice for us.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

All-Service Trip Planning

Pack your bags get on a plane and we'll do the rest. Put yourself in automatic pilot and enjoy your trip. 

More than a concierge we organize the whole package. End to end. 

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Off the Beaten Path Experiences

  • Rockclimb the Dolomites and Visit Refugio.

  • Paraglide Lake Garda.

  • Eat Pesto in Cinque Terre overlooking the astounding coastline. 

  • Boat for a Day Tour in the Amalfi Coast.

  • Truffle Hunting. 

  • Learn to Row like a Venetian. 

  • Backroad Winery in a Jeep. 

  • Lunch in a Sicily Farm with an Authentic Family. 

  • Hike the Cinque Terre Vineyards with your Personal Sommelier. 

  • Eat the Most Extraordinary Meal in Bologna. 

  • Keep your hands off the wheels, enjoy the wine, leave the driving to ourselves. 

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Piazza San Marco Venice








Path with Plants



Lake Como & Garda



Meet The Family


Debra Levinson

CEO & Founder

For over two decades, Debra has been a distinguished industry spokesperson. She has a deep knowledge of the most-known cities, and yet knows the wild beauty of places off the typical tourist path. Her network features the best-of-the-best in Italian hospitality, and she knows how to create unforgettable experiences from the Aosta valley to Salentine peninsula. Her excellent taste in food, wine and hotels, and her unrelenting search for great quality means she shows travelers the best places to eat, sleep and drink throughout Italy.

➢  Leaves room in suitcase for: Anything truffle

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Claudia Camerino

Logistics Director

Claudia has been enchanted by Italy’s beauty from a young age. At first, trips were about family time; visiting her Venetian nonni at their home on the Lido, swimming in the Adriatic, and exploring the mountains with her family. At the age of six, she declared her favorite foods to be artichokes and spaghetti al vongole. A lover of mountains, local cuisine, and great company, Claudia points travelers to the some of Italy’s most irresistible areas.

➢  Leaves room in suitcase for: Kilos of parmesan 

➢  Email:

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