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Our passion is creating the dream trip for each traveler we work with. Our priority is making your vacation right for you, creating the trip of a lifetime that is perfectly tailored to your interests, style, and budget. We know first hand that with all the details handled, travelers can fully immerse in a trip vacation, able to revel in unfamiliar experiences, and create meaningful connections with new people. With over 20 years of experience of work and play in Italy, orchestrating custom itineraries that range from luxury honeymoons to family vacations, and with seven guidebooks under our belts, we are ready and excited to help make your Italy dreams a reality!


Debra Levinson is Mr. & Mrs. Italy’s founder and chef de cuisine, and her talent for putting together all the details of an unforgettable Italian experience is unmatched. With years of experience, born from traveling extensively throughout Italy with family, Deb initially found a way to further convey her knowledge of and passion for Italy by planning enviable trips for friends, and eventually published her first travel guide, “Italy’s Best with Kids." Seven guidebooks and countless trips for friends, family, and clients — now friends — later, Deb is unequivocally a connoisseur of the best that Italy has to offer across all of its diverse regions. Her and her touch for expertly executed, unforgettable experiences is spot-on, and her passion and knowledge for Italian culture and cuisine are unmatched.


As the granddaughter of native-Venetians, Claudia’s connection to Italy has always been familial. Traveling to Italy regularly with her family, both as a child and an adult, Claudia has had the pleasure of spending considerable periods of time in an authentic Italian home. From eating her grandmother’s homemade pasta al pomodoro, to meeting renowned Murano glassmakers, colleagues of her grandfather in the glass business, Claudia has been lucky to experience Italy through the lens of her family’s heritage. By train, plane, car and ferry, Claudia has traveled across Italy in the company of her friends, family, and Mr. & Mrs. Italy. With a background in anthropology, she has always been curious about the ways in which people enjoy and experience travel, new places, people and cultures.


David is Debra’s husband and the co-founder of Mr.& Mrs. Italy Travel. Together they have been enjoying the pleasures of Italy ever since their very first visit.  He considers himself an adventurer, avid cyclist, who has taken pride in riding the rolling hills of Tuscany and the epic mountains of the Dolomites.  As an Italian wine and food affectionate, David enjoys visiting the less know small towns, where particular unique foods and wines are produced, then learning how to cook these regional specialties is his passion. For the last twenty years Italy has become his playground, where he continues to crisscross the country in search of new experiences. The opportunity to share this information with others is his dream job.