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Villa Cordevigo Wine Relais, Lake Garda


VILLA CORDEVIGO WINE RELAIS was built in the 18th-century as a residence for local nobility. An ambitious restoration project brought the villa back to life for modern times, where it once again serves as an elegant refuge for visitors who wish to immerse themselves in the romance of the Italian countryside. Situated amid the vineyards and olive groves typical of the Veneto region, the property exemplifies its owners’ deep respect for nature and the proper management and use of its bounty. The region of Cordevigo literally means “vitality of the heart,” implying a place where the whole of nature is alive and transmitting a positive energy. The age-old cypresses, oaks, flowerbeds, and greenery that comprise the exterior landscape are carefully tended to enchant the guests as well as honor the rhythms of the seasons. Years of history, culture, and respect for the land are also woven into the neat rows of vines belonging to Vigneti Villabella, a winery founded in 1971 by Walter Delibori and Giorgio Cristoforetti.

Inside, every effort has been made to preserve the magnificent furnishings, decorations, and artwork that have been housed inside these walls for centuries. The spacious rooms and suites likewise retain their historic ambiance, furnished with fine fabrics and finishes that include wooden beamed ceilings, marble bathrooms, and terra cotta floors. The mix of classical elements with contemporary luxuries results in accommodations that are as sophisticated as they are charming. The same attention to detail is showcased at the hotel’s Oseleta restaurant, which was awarded the coveted Michelin star in 2013 based on executive chef Giuseppe D‘Aquino’s sublime orchestration of various culinary elements into a symphonic whole. Dinner is the best time to sample not only various dishes of the region, but also its wines, including those made on the premises from Bardolino Classico and Cavaion Veronese grapes.

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