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HOTEL TENUTA DI CANONICA is located in the heart of Umbria overlooking the medieval town of Todi and the scenic Tevere Valley. Located close to the border of Tuscany and only about an hour’s drive to Rome, it’s the perfect base from which to visit the numerous art cities of central Italy. Transformed by its owners into a luxury hotel, the property comprises a range of architectural styles, including ancient Roman stone and brickwork and a medieval lookout tower. As befits the region, the décor is rustically elegant and is showcased in baked terracotta floors, vaulted ceilings, and the great arched wrought-iron portal. The tower’s grand sitting room with fireplace is the perfect spot from which to enjoy quiet time, lively conversation, or a rousing game of billiards. Enjoy the natural beauty for which this region is famous, along with stunning views uninterrupted by manmade structures, by strolling the gardens, picnicking beneath the “magic oak tree,” or lounging by the pool with its panoramic terrace. Each room is likewise a room with a view. 

Thirteen in total, including three junior suites and two stand-alone garden suites, they feature a host of refined amenities, regional furnishings and décor, stone fireplaces, and precious tapestries and linens made by artisans in nearby Montefalco. The owners have been producing olive oil on their onsite farm for over twenty years, and every autumn the precious fruit is hand-picked and cold-pressed daily with rigorously controlled machinery. This wonderful oil, as well as the farm’s organically raised eggs, fruits, vegetables, and aromatic herbs, form the basis for the hotel’s culinary offerings, as does the organic flour ground in a mill dating back to the 1600s on a water-powered wheel in accordance with traditional methods. Chef Pasquale uses these and other locally grown and raised ingredients as a composer would use notes in a symphony, resulting in a host of lively compositions designed to bring out the unmistakable flavors and characteristics of Umbrian cuisine. 

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