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Luxury Travel, A Manifesto

Luxury travel is at the very core to what we do, yet the term itself is not entirely self-explanatory. Traditional definitions of luxury travel conjure opulent visions of colossal yachts, first class flights, and palatial suites. The term luxury often connotes a lifestyle of extravagance and indulgence; a general reveling in the accouterments of a life lived by a very select few.

Villa Marina Capri Spa

Villa Marina Capri's lovely spa pool.

Yet our style of luxury veers slightly away from a lifestyle of conspicuous consumption; we believe that the ultimate luxury experience should be one of personalization and customization, travel based solely on your needs and your interests, a vacation inspired by, designed for, and approved by you. We feel strongly that there is no one-size-fits all vacation. Under our conviction that luxury is having a trip perfectly tailored to you, we plan each and every trip from scratch. We have no preset itineraries, no generic trip templates, and no two trips are alike; your trip is unique to you, truly yours and yours alone.

Our idea of luxury also means being free from the nitty gritty details of planning. While scrolling through Instagram admiring envy-inducing photos of the Tuscan countryside can certainly excite and inspire, we know the actual fine details of planning and booking can be time consuming at its best, and anxiety inducing at its worst. As experienced travelers and trip planners, we take care of every detail of where you stay, play and eat, and any transportation in between, removing the stress and major time commitment of planning your own trip. Want to rent a car? Forget standing in line at the airport, we’ll have your vehicle reserved and waiting for you weeks before you even depart. Prefer to leave the driving to someone else? We have private cars and drivers on hand throughout the country, except of course in Venice where water taxis become the transportation of choice.

But just because we believe that customization and personalization are key tenets of luxury travel doesn't mean we don't believe in indulging in the finer things in life. The luxury of enjoying five star hotels, relaxing at world-renowned spas, and dining at Michelin starred restaurants is undeniable. That’s why we guarantee our guests the finest accommodations in Italy, complete with true white glove service. From the white sandy beaches of Sicily to the jagged peaks of the Dolomites, our hotel collection is comprised of the county’s most luxurious boutique hotels, many of which host their own vineyards, olive groves, and wineries, and each offering topnotch service, amenities and cuisine.

Hotel Turm, the epitome of luxury travel high in the Alto Adige region.

Whether seeking a relaxation filled getaway, or a more action-packed, active vacation, we pride ourselves in our ability to craft the perfectly tailored travel experience for each one of our guests. We know your vacation days are limited, and your daily life is busy – leave the planning to us and we promise you an unforgettably luxurious trip in return.

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