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Check out our virtual tour of Roncolo 1888 with owner Julia Prestia

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Tour Roncolo 1888

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RONCOLO 1888, a resort situated on the historic 320-acre Venturini Baldini estate, is the perfect spot from which to base your explorations of Emilia-Romagna, which is renowned for its gastronomic excellence and cultural vibrancy. Tucked away in the hills of Canossa between Parma and Reggio, the resort offers guests access to the best the region has to offer, whether that be exploring the great outdoors, sampling local wines and foodstuffs, or touring the area’s renowned “motor valley,” where famed automaker Ferrari has two museums. 

The Venturini Baldini estate itself dates back to the sixteenth century, and, as it is located in the heart of what is known as Italy’s “food valley,” is a popular destination for visitors who wish to explore local viticulture. Not only is the estate an award-winning producer of organic Lambrusco wines, among others, it also produces some of the finest balsamic vinegars currently available, which take anywhere from twelve to twenty-five years to age.

Accommodations include eight double rooms, one junior suite, and two, two-bedroom, two-bath suites, all of which are elegantly decorated and overlook the scenic onsite gardens and vineyards, as well as the adjacent Roncolo park. 

All guests are welcome to enjoy tasting tours of both the estate wines and the vinegars and may also book a variety of off-site tours, cooking classes, and sporting activities, including test driving a Ferrari sports car. There is also a scenic outdoor pool with bar—the perfect spot to relax after a busy day. The resort’s culinary offerings include a generous morning breakfast buffet, along with lunch and dinner at La Limonaia, located inside the garden’s greenhouse. A wide selection of the estate’s wines are available at each meal, creating a culinary experience that perfectly reflects the resort’s motto: “From the Earth to the soul, from the soul to the Earth.”  

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