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Hotel Regency, Florence

Hotel Regency

HOTEL REGENCY is a true European boutique hotel, located in the very heart of Florence within close proximity to all the city’s main monuments and attractions. The hotel embodies the ideal home away from home for aficionados of luxury experiences, and every guest who enters its doors is welcomed into a delightful haven where refined Florentine hospitality has remained untouched by time. The décor is that of soft Tuscan tones, fine draperies, Renaissance art, elegant antique furnishings, common areas with a living-room-like air, and a lovely city garden, which adds to the private estate ambiance of this small but grand hotel. Each guestroom and suite is likewise exquisitely furnished to replicate the charming, hospitable mood of a classic Florentine villa. No doubt Florence is one of the world’s great travel destinations, and the hotel’s concierge is always on hand to offer touring suggestions and to schedule private chauffeur services or multilingual walking guides.

The city is also renowned for its cuisine, and guests of Hotel Regency don’t have to go far to indulge in exquisite offerings. Chef Rino Pennucci helms the hotel’s restaurant, Relais Le Jardin, which is world-renowned for its robust cuisine based on signature Tuscan flavors. Locally sourced ingredients like fragrant truffles, earthy porcini mushrooms, and some of the country’s best olive oils are showcased in dishes ranging from homemade pastas to Florentine-style prime rib. The list of Tuscan specialties is endless, and will be carefully matched with refined wines. All meals can be enjoyed either in the main dining room amid magnificently wrought mirrors, elaborately carved wood panels, and antique, hand-painted stained glass, or in the picturesque veranda overlooking the garden. Weather permitting, this garden is perfect for gatherings over breakfast or a candlelight dinner; or, simply relax with a book in the beauty of the private setting.

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