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Le Silve di Armenzano, Romantik Hotel & Farm Houses is the perfect spot for nature lovers seeking to immerse themselves in the idyllic beauty of the Umbrian countryside while enjoying top-notch accommodations and service. Getting there is no casual undertaking, but upon arrival it’s clear that the incredibly steep and winding road up Mt. Subasio is worth the drive. A former tenth-century estate, it was discovered at the verge of ruin in 1977 by Giuseppe Sirignani, who renovated it into an exceptional hotel and farmstead. Today, Giuseppe’s son Marco Sirignani continues his father’s vision. Situated in the verdant hills of Umbria at the foot of Parco del Subasio near Assisi, the hotel is surrounded by forests and pastures that are home to an abundance of wildlife as well as a working farm—and its expansiveness allows for endless hikes and walks. A pool and tennis courts are also located on-site.

Our time at Le Silve allowed for a peaceful and scenic spot to recharge and enjoy Umbria’s myriad charms. The beautiful stone buildings hold rooms that impart the rich history of the region, while the hilltop site provides views onto an incredible panorama of endlessly unfolding countryside. The historic town of Assisi is just a short drive away as well. In terms of culinary experiences, every meal was excellent. Le Silve’s young chef practices the tenets of Zero km cooking, which means all of the dishes feature ingredients grown or raised on the farm, or sourced locally. He clearly has real talent for showcasing Umbrian culinary delicacies with an exquisite convergence between the flavors of this great tradition and the quality farm production of the Le Silve country estate. And his handmade pastas were delectable works of art, especially the caramella.

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