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Hotel Palazzo Bocci, Spello


HOTEL PALAZZO BOCCI is positioned in the center of the charming town of Spello, one of the “pearls” of Italy’s Middle Ages and also one of the Umbrian towns least crowded with tourists. Built in the 17th century and established as a hotel after meticulous restoration in 1992, Hotel Palazzo Bocci seamlessly blends history, tradition, and fine artwork with the latest in high- tech hospitality. Its fountain entrance, hanging gardens, spectacular Hall of Frescoes, and elegant rooms adorned with wooden beams, classic textiles, and frescoes all combine to create an
atmosphere of refined beauty. Located near the center of town, it is also the perfect base from which to explore Spello and the nearby towns of Assisi and Perugia. Established as a Roman colony in the 1st century B.C., Spello bloomed in the early Middle Ages and is a marvel of that era’s art and architecture.
Of special note is its wealth of churches, many of them bearing artistic treasures such as the frescoes of Pinturicchio in the Baglioni Chapel in Santa Maria Maggiore.

Rich in folkloric traditions as well, it is renowned for its Infiorata, the night of work spent creating the magnificent carpet of flowers for the Corpus Domini feast, and olive oil and bruschetta fair held each year in May. Spello is also dotted with many lovely shops and galleries selling traditional Umbrian arts and crafts and foodstuffs. Once back at the hotel, you can unwind from your explorations and share your discoveries with a drink in the bar or out on the lovely rooftop terrace. Located across the street, the hotel’s restaurant, Il Molino, is considered one of the region’s best-kept secrets. Exuding rustic elegance and warmth, it is neither touristy nor pretentious; instead the talented owner/chef Vania Buono and her sister, manager Francesca Buono, focus on producing nothing less than the fine art and craft of Umbrian cooking. Every item on the menu is delicious, and be sure to end your meal with something sweet—we recommend the Tiramisu al limone sfusato di Amalfi (Amalfi lemon Tiramisu) and a fine glass of Vin Santo.

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