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Milan and Italy's Lakes

northern Italy

Starting from $2500/person 



Experience the epic scenery, incredible cuisine and renowned glamour of northern Italy with this luxurious trip to Milan, Lake Como, Lake Maggiore and Alba. Rightly earning its reputation as one of the world's most fashionable cities, creativity abounds in Milan, from sustainable architecture to its burgeoning tech scene. With no shortage of beautiful art galleries, trendy bars, picturesque coffee shops and excellent restaurants, Milan is a hub of cosmopolitan activity home to the very best of urban life in the 21st century, while offering some of Europe's most stunning works of art, architecture, and remnants of ancient culture. Just an hour away nestled in the Alps lies the lakes region, the preferred vacation destination of the world’s elite for centuries. Experience the beauty and culture of northern Italy's most glamorous getaways for yourself with this inclusive and luxurious itinerary.




  • Rental car

  • Luxury accommodations in Milan and the lakes region

  • Milan segway tour

  • Milan culinary experience

  • Spa experience

  • Tasting menu with wine pairings


Milan, Lake Como, Lake Maggiore or Alba


  Iconic sites by day, luxury accommodations and gourmet cuisine by night   



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